Emozioni Jewellery is a chic collection brought to the market by Hot Diamonds although marketed as a separate entity to the popular sterling silver collection. Emozioni offers a fun concept to the way we buy and wear jewellery, the idea behind the collection is that you build you own jewellery pieces by collecting Emozioni Coin Keepers, Emozioni Coins, Emozioni Necklaces, Emozioni Bracelets. These pieces are all interchangeable so you will never been seen in the same same jewellery design twice.

The Emozioni Coin Keepers are available in a variety of designs and metals, they come in two different sizes which will also need to correspond with the coin you would like it hold. The coin keepers will hold your chosen coin and enable you to attach it to your necklace or bracelet.

The Emozioni Coin, choose from the vast variety of coins we have to offer they are available in a choice of metals, designs and some feature different colours of gemstones. The coins offer the overall look of your necklace or bracelet once complete so choose one that really reflects you personality or occasions.

The Emozioni Necklace or Bracelet, complete your design by attaching it to a chain or your choose. A longer chain would give your piece of jewellery a more relaxed casual look and a shorter chain would suit everyday wear.

New Emozioni collections now available to buy online and instore.

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