Mikimoto Forever Pearls

Mikimoto pearls is one of our most prestigious collections at C.W Sellors, we offer a fabulous range from the following Mikimoto collections, they are available within various different metal types and types of pearls. View the full collection on our website at http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/collections/mikimoto



  Mikimoto Blossom Collection                                              Mikimoto Clover Collection



 Mikimoto Olive Collection                                           Mikimoto Love Collection


Freshwater pearls can be cultivated in mussels and oysters, and most of the world’s supply are farmed in the lakes, rivers within different parts of China, often along the Chang Jiang river. Each pearl harvested is as individual as a fingerprint, making it essential to establish the quality grading standards to be used within the Mikimoto jewellery, the history of the Chinese Freshwater pearl is vast and women have been wearing them within jewellery for many years.

They were originally seen as a status symbol as they were so rare and they were worn by the very wealthy and royalty. However as processes have formed and companies such as Mikimoto have understood the formations of the precious gems of the sea they have made them more accessible for the consumers of today. Freshwater and South Sea Pearls still hold great value and are a luxury item, they are seen as a symbol of purity and elegance.



The cost and value will differ between the type of pearl involved with a design and the level of lustre and rich colour, Akoya pearls are a traditional symbol of elegance and beauty. Produced by Japan's Akoya oysters, they are the most popular of all pearl types. Depending on the size of the mother oyster, they grow from 3-10mm. Colours range from white, cream and pink to light green, blue and silver. As you enjoy and wear your Mikimoto pearls their classical appeal will grow adding to their precious value.

The designs within the Mikimoto collection are very classic, some incorporating different themes within the collections and others set with precious gemstones such as Diamonds and Sapphires. The Mikimoto jewellery designs express both the best of contemporary fashion trends and a timeless, eternal elegance a perfect balance of tradition and innovation. They make the perfect gift for that extra special occasions such as a Pearl Wedding Anniversary and special birthdays.

The different types of pearls available:

Akoya Pearls

Black Southsea pearls

White SouthSea Peals

Golden SouthSea Pearls

Baroque Pearls

Conch pearls

Melo Pearls


C.W Sellors is delighted to intoduce the new Bubble collection to the range we offer

Within this new collection Akoya cultured pearls are complemented with a spray of diamonds, representing the dynamic and elegant movement of bubbles from the sea. This gorgeous collection consists of a pendant, earrings and a ring and it comes in both yellow and white 18ct gold.