Limited Edition Trollbeads Bracelet

The Limited Edition pieces from Trollbeads are highly sort after by keen collectors of the brand. The unique styles are under high demand and so do not hang around long. The bracelet packages are a very good value way of starting your collection as they come complete with a bead and lock leaving you able to wear and enjoy your new bracelet whilst planning your next purchase to start personalising it.



My Sweet Stories Limited Edition Bracelet 16919-2014 

My sweet stories includes a 19 cm Sterling silver Trollbeads limited edition chain complete with a stunning limited glass bead, a beautiful limited sterling silver heart and a completely new limited lock.


This Trollbeads Aurora flower bead 61485

Features sparkly and decorative mother of pearl flowers, they blend into a warm mixture of background colours of plums and blues. The ancient people of north America believed the Aurora was the fire of torches lighting the way to heaven.



This Trollbeads Leopard Bead 11291

features a silver spotted leopard which once on a necklace or bracelet, gives the impression of it wrapping itself around the chain. A Leopard cannot change its spots.