Chamilia Charm Bracelets

There are many established jewellery collections offering the build and design your own jewellery concepts, giving their customers the artistic licence to be creative with a range of themed, multi coloured, textured, sparkly and wonderfully inspirational beads and charms in which to add to their bracelet or necklace of choice.

This type of jewellery has become very popular as the perfect present for all occasions, everybody aspiring to have multiple bracelets full of a range of charms relating to their personal style. Followers browsing through the catalogues and planning the look of their jewellery, adding beads and charms to birthday and Christmas lists giving relatives the opportunity to purchase the ultimate gift at reasonable prices.   

The collections have become popular with all age groups, the excitement within the younger generations for the product has also drawn the attention of others with family groups and the range on offer has also become wider to accommodate the growing market. 

Just after Christmas this year I covered a staff member within in our Buxton store due to ill health, we were ran off our feet with customers all day with people of all ages coming to spend their Christmas money, with only one product on their minds they made a bee line for the Pandora counter.

Having already done their research on the charms they wanted to purchase, once the trays full of charms were presented to them they were tempted with others swapping and changing and concentrating on making the right choice. Later in the day an older lady came in with an 18ct gold Pandora Bracelet, with 18ct gold Pandora charms (I had never seen one before) not something you see everyday because the components are more expensive and not as accessible to all. The lady was also spending Christmas money from her family and her husband, she purchased three gold charms.

The different collections that offer this concept include, Pandora, Chamilia, Trollbeads, Endless jewellery, Thomas Sabo.

Pandora is the biggest of the brands, sold worldwide within 80 countries. Their headquarters are based within Copenhagen Denmark and founded in the 1990's. They offer a large collection of jewellery including the very popular silver snake chain bracelet and huge range of Pandora charms.

Trollbeads also a Danish company with world wide distribution of its concept Trollbeads offers a similar idea to Pandora with a completely different following. The brand offers a range of different variants on the core range and specialises in the glass beads creating limited addition and one off's which are highly sort after. Trollbeads have a fan club, a collection of people who have grouped together on social media called the 'Endangered Troll' who travel around the UK looking for good stockists of Trollbeads charms. Founded in the 1976.

Chamilia The last company out of three to offer the concept in around the year 2000 again with the offering to a slightly different market the Chamilia collection is very similar with the creative aspect of self building your jewellery by selecting the featured Chamilia charms, Chamilia bracelets, Chamilia necklaces.