Employee Profile, General Manager - Matthew Hatch

Name: Mathew Hatch

Job Title: Planning and personnel development

Career to date?

Joined the company in 1987 as an apprentice stone cutter, left for 18 months in the mid 1990’s  to become a self employed musician and returned to the company to progress from workshop supervisor, workshop manager to my current role from 2003.

What is your role and what key skills do you use?

Company human resources work, including recruitment and staff development and training. It is a really varied role where I need to draw on experience gained through working with the company and recently gained CIPD Qualifications.

What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

Seeing people join the company and progress and develop within their roles here at C.W Sellors.

What do you consider your biggest success at the company so far?

Probably playing a big part in building such a successful and talented team within the company everyone works so well together.

What first attracted you to a career in jewellery?

The reward and job satisfaction of creating a beautiful object from rough natural materials, be a gemstone like Blue John and Whitby Jet or a metal. Also working as part of a team to work together to fulfil customer orders and commissions.

What’s your favourite gemstone/jewellery & why?

Derbyshire Blue John because it is such a beautiful, unique and rare local material It is so rewarding to un cover the colours and patterns in a piece of rough stone by cutting, shaping and polishing.

What do you think you could tell someone about the company they don’t already know?

We can source and work with just about any gemstone imaginable. We hold the UK patent for the process of backing Blue John with White mother of pearl shell to provide an iridescent appearance to the material, giving our customers another possible choice.

 25 Years with C.W Sellors

Name: Mathew Hatch

Job Title: Planning and personnel development