Employee Profile, C W Sellors Marketing Manager Martyn Wright

Name: Martyn Wright

Job Title: Marketing Manager

Career to date?

Joined C W Sellors in 2003, responsible for all aspects of design and marketing, gradually bring all the elements in-house and forming part of what is a successful team.

Hobbies: Apparently spending too much time playing football, watching Liverpool and being old enough to remember them winning Championships.


What is your role and what key skills do you use?

Anything that is seen with C W Sellors or W Hamond on in the press, print or online has been developed, designed and produced in-house. With what is in essence the skill of a creative design studio in-house, I can react quickly and effectively no matter what the brief. While each of my marketing design solutions are tailored to specific medium, an integrated approach ensures a consistent brand image across all channels.

What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

The simple /high-end literature. The process of being in a studio working on a photo-shoot with certain ideas in mind on how the pictures will fit into our advertising and marketing can also be quite a rewarding process to be involved with.

What do you consider to your biggest personal success at the company so far?

The past 10 years has seen the considerable growth of our Christmas Wishes Showcase which for 3 days in November brings together our own manufactured product alongside the big jewellery and watch brands like Mikimoto pearlsKrieger and Picchiotti diamonds - all under one roof in the grounds of Chatsworth House. It has been rewarding having played a part to have seen this event grow from quite humble beginnings to a slick, stylish and enjoyable customer event – and what has become the largest event of its kind within the UK.

What first attracted you to a career in jewellery?

With so many ‘dull’ things that require advertising and marketing , who wouldn’t choose to be surrounded by the lifestyle attached to our jewellery products and watch collections. Along with our own Blue John and Whitby Jet products, we have some fantastic brands to work with and stories to tell with collections such as Thomas SaboFope , Shaun Leane and Clogau Gold

What’s your favourite gemstone/jewellery & why?

I’ve been lucky enough to see have seen many gemstones during my time at the company, from high end diamond pieces, opals and tanzanites, yet Derbyshire Blue John will always hold a special appeal for me. For the scope of its colour and style there is no other stone like it. Where particular products are concerned our cross-hearts collection I think is fantastic.

What do you think you could tell someone about the company they don’t already know?

We do actually have our own workshop! The 30+ people we employ in the manufacturing side of the business are the most talented people you could meet. Many of them have developed their skills over their time at the company and responsible for the British manufacture and production of our handcrafted collections that you see online/in our boutiques. For example, take a look at the C W Sellors Silver Collection or the Jet Collection and all the gemstones you see have been handcut, polished and set by our workshop team.